“There are things that exist beyond our understanding. We have to let these things talk for themselves, stand back and listen. The connection between astronomy and our plants, our trees, is powerful. We live with this great mystery around us, this natural marvel. “
Solo piece
Length: 4’12min
Setting: theatre & exterior
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When two bodies, two qualities, two entities are born of the same seed. They grow together but take different directions, push opposite limits. Everything opposes them and yet, there is no air without ground, no up without down, no leaves without roots.
They cannot exist without each other, just like the tree-top doesn’t exist without its trunk, sap and roots.
We dance this story, we dance its softness, liveliness and joy. In an aerial and contemporary duet, we tell this story, our story: the dance of the tree.

Piece for 2 dancers or 3 dancers
Length: 25minutes or 45 minutes
Setting: Tree & ground


This is the everlasting story of Everything. 
The result of how, from ancient Greek science to quantum mechanics, through botanics, we began to understand the connection between everything: particles, stars, planets, trees, human beings, destiny. 
At the premises of understanding the theories of Higgs, Diac and The Red Thread of Fate, Elìptico is our expression of these connections. Everything and Nothing, attraction and repulsion, what they are and what we can feel, but not see.
Piece for 2 dancers.
Length: 25 minutes approx.
Setting: theatres & outdoor structures

Fille du Monde (Child of the World)

“Fille du Monde” (Child of the World) was created in June 2020 with the will to blend world dances and travel. This 30-minute electro, oriental, Latin American (and many more) fusion depicts how travelling has shaped the young woman. “Fille du Monde” is a joyful, eclectic picture of different cultures. A colorful and exotic fusion of dances.
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