“There are things that exist beyond our understanding. We have to let these things talk for themselves, stand back and listen. The connection between astronomy and our plants, our trees, is powerful. We live with this great mystery around us, this natural marvel. “
Solo piece
Length: 4’12min
Setting: theatre & exterior
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“Winds and energies. From the sky or the ground. They twist, connect, interact; but they don’t know it. They don’t see it. One and the other are a whole. An energy beautiful to watch”
Adaptation of the four wind myth for exterior
Piece for 2 dancers
Length: 25minutes
Setting: Tree & ground

Anemoi: The four winds

Adaptation of Anemoi for 4 dancers.

Length: 15 minutes (can be extended). Setting: theaters, outdoor (trees and walls), halls, parks.


This is the everlasting story of Everything. 
The result of how, from ancient Greek science to quantum mechanics, through botanics, we began to understand the connection between everything: particles, stars, planets, trees, human beings, destiny. 
At the premises of understanding the theories of Higgs, Diac and The Red Thread of Fate, Elìptico is our expression of these connections. Everything and Nothing, attraction and repulsion, what they are and what we can feel, but not see.
Piece for 2 dancers.
Length: 25 minutes approx.
Setting: theatres & outdoor structures