Frequently Asked Questions:

 Is it only about dance?

No. Ad Astra wants to offer a range of activities adapted to the trees. Dancing is our main activity but we associate it with other activities in the trees so that everyone can be a part of what we do.

The way we put up a show can be extremely different from a place to another. Here is the range of activities we offer:

  • Aerial dancing: One, two or three dancers depending on the possibilities in the tree. Each show is choreographed and the music is chosen according to the venue’s public and requests. An aerial dance performance can last between 5 to 20 min for a solo; more if associated with other arts and activities.
  • Tree-climbing: from age 7 to 999, accessible to persons with disabilities in all safety. We often couple a dance performace with a tree-climbing session, so the spectactors can try and see what the dancers do.
  • Storytelling: Also most of the time coupled with a danced performance. We write up the tale according to the audience and the place, and music instruments are added to the play: percussions, guitar. etc.
  • Relaxing in Hammocs or enjoying a glass of wine while watching an aerial performance.

Why trees?

Ad Astra’s members work with nature and with trees specifically: a carpenter, a tree-trimmer, two tree-climbers, an aerial dancer that chose trees as her favourite setting.

Adapting arts and sports to trees is a way for us to highlight the beauty of nature around us, even in urban settings. It’s about making the trees seen and understood, it’s about feeling and learning about them, it’s about seeing from a different perspective.

This is why we offer aerial dance performances before or after a tree-climbing session. Because we also want you to experience what we do and what we see; because we want to offer different points of view and a different sensibility of a same setting.

How do we chose them?

Both our tree-climbers observe and search for specific information about the trees available in a given place. They look at the general health state, what animals live in it, the age of the tree,etc.

Once a healthy and safe (to climb) tree is spotted, the artists come in and look at the possibilities and the range of movement, of decoration, etc. The music is chosen to go with the venue and the public but also with the tree.

Can we climb on the tree?

Yes! Anyone wanting to try tree-climbing is welcome to ask us 🙂

A tree-climbing session usually lasts from 1 to 3 hours.

Will the public have a good visibility of the show from the ground? 

With a specific tree in mind, the artists will choreograph a performance and include the spectators’ physical place in it. Sometimes people will be able to enjoy it from the tree, seating in hammocs and sometimes from the ground.

Whatever the case, we you will always be comfortable and safe to watch a show!