About us

Ad Astra: Who we are and what we do

Ad Astra is an association of artists and technicians whose aim is to share their knowledge with anyone asking to have a good time.

By associating aerial dance with tree-climbing sessions we want to bring a different, more delicate perspective of the landscape surrounding us.

After our performance, we monitor you to climb on the tree we have just performed on and try out anything you want, or just enjoy the gorgeous view 10 meters high.

But that’s not all of it! We also install tables up in the trees to enjoy a nice dinner, we can perform while you eat up there or down to the ground aswell. We organize storytelling/Dancing sessions for kids and adults, we combine aerial silk, aerial hoop and harness dance. The possibilities are infinite!

Team members:

Michela: Aerial silk, aerial hoop and trapezist.

Sara: Harness dancer and vertical dance expert.