Manon Hostie

Born in Belgium, Manon enters the world of classical dance at the age of 5. A few years later, she decides to make it her profession and devotes all her energy to this art.
Her secondary studies lead her to the school of fine arts in Brussels, where she discovers contemporary dance with Maya Dubuisson. At the same time, she begins a semi-professional training in classical dance at the Brussels Conservatory of Dance.

It is from 2016 that Manon arrives in Lyon and begins an approach to contemporary dance in conjunction with other forms of contemporary art. There she meets Camila, who shares her love of travel with her.

September 2019 marks her departure as a Dancer-Traveler, and later she joins the young traveling company Ad Astra, finding in the company the opportunity to combine her passions, and to express dance in relation to other artistic forms, and in relation to nature.
Thus, Manon develops a body movement inspired by Nature. She lets herself be guided by the energy and the sensations she feels by listening to or observing an element of the world around her.