4 senses workshop [EN]

Our human senses
Our senses are what allow us to interact, react, anticipate with our world. By dancing outdoors, we at Ad Astra are constantly researching and strenghtening our relationship to nature. Being alert and conscient of what is happening outdoors when we dance is essential, but also what makes dancing outside extremely pleasant.

This 5 day workshop was designed for you to experience new sensations and translate them into dance. A sensorial trip that you won’t forget!

Level: Intermediate dancers from any discipline and age.
Duration: 5 half days . It is possible to attend to only one half day.
Capacity: 12 participants maximum

More about the workshop

This sensory journey will allow you to flourish in your dance, to learn to use external elements but also your own perception of things to dance.
Through fun and sometimes surprising activities, come and refine your hearing, discover the world from a different perspective, hear those sounds that we do not listen to, or turn scents into dance!

For any enquiries or to book a spot please contact Camila through our contact form at the right of your screen.

We look forward to meeting you!

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