Fille Du Monde (Child of the world)

Creative thinking

[Child of the world? ]

I was born there, and grew up elsewhere.
I grew up elsewhere and worked someplace else.

Discovering new lands, the child of the world soaks in new cultures, she fits in. She dives into different lives, into new traditions. Meets many people. Her encounters influence her near future, shaking up her plans for the next day, re-shaping her life and building her path.

China, Qatar, Argentina, France, Wales, Scotland, Slovakia, United States, Laos, Vietnam, Italy, Greece, Spain, Canada.

After working elsewhere, I kept going down my path. Found out that a given job is not the same from one country to another.

The child of the world moves with the stones that the World places in her path. She takes in these stones into her journey, shapes them so they take meaning in her life.
The child of the world is constantly evolving, with new data, new ideas, new hopes.

For the girl of the world, the important thing is to know what she is today.

We can define and redefine who we are by each experience we live, and by all that we continue to have. The languages ​​learned, the people who have marked us.

We are ourselves in the way we feel, dance, laugh, smile.


“Fille du Monde” (Child of the World) was created in June 2020 with the will to blend world dances and travel. This 30-minute electro, oriental, Latin American (and many more) fusion depicts how travelling has shaped the young woman. “Fille du Monde” is a joyful, eclectic picture of different cultures. A colorful and exotic fusion of dances !

Created and interpreted by Camila Labaronne