Creating Elíptico

This year we went back to Madrid for the second time. Teaming up with Alejandra Perez-Izquierdo, Camila and her spent 4 months in residency to create their piece named Elíptico.

The journey of creation

Deciding the theme

As Ad Astra’s line of work relies on themes on and about nature, the dancers gathered to discuss potential themes for the piece.
It came out quite fast that both dancers were interested by the same topic at that moment: the cosmos.
After putting together their readings, articles and other material, the piece was structured and designed in a natural flow. Elíptico would be a representation of the theories of Everything and Nothing according to quantum physics; the theory of the Holes and other theories that evolve around the definition of emptiness and its existence.

How do particles evolve around each other? What happens when they accidentally meet? How do they react to the laws of attraction/reaction? What if the theory of the red string applied to two particles?

Dancing particles

The story of two particles is told in a duet that alternates between the ground and sky, aerial and contemporary dance. Using striking visuals, Elíptico takes us to the details of the Cosmos, in a poetic story of two infinitely small elements living in an infinitely large universe.

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